100+ Small Good Thoughts for Life in English – Good Thoughts

Good Thoughts for Life – Friends many of you seek some good thoughts so that you can motivate yourself and motivate others with these thoughts.

Apart from this, you can also use these thoughts for your good work as if you are a writer then you get some good motivation from these thoughts.

So today we are going to tell you some good thoughts which you must read.

Good Thoughts for Life

“We become what about.”

“But you will admit that it is a very good thing to be alive.”

“If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door.”

“Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.”

“Pessimism leads to weakness optimism to power.”

Good Thoughts for Life
Image – Good Thoughts for Life

“Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.”

“Live each day as if your life had begun.”

“When you think positive good things happen.”

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”

“If you’re not positive energy you’re negative energy.”

Good Morning Thoughts

“Mind is a flexible mirror adjust it to see a better world.”

“Accept hardship as a necessary discipline.”

“Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.”

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”

good thoughts on life
Image – good thoughts on life

“Happiness, like unhappiness is a proactive choice.”

“The past has no power over the present moment.”

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”

“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.”

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Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

“Doing is a quantum leap from imagining.”

“Find a place inside where there’s joy and the joy will burn out the pain.”

“Success is doing ordinary things well.”

“Success is one percent inspiration ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

the good thoughts about life
Image – the good thoughts about life

“Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.”

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

“Success comes down to hard work plus passion over time.”

“Success is simple. Do what’s right the right way at the right time.”

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”

Nice Thoughts 

“Nothing will ever attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.”

“When you know better, you do better.”

“Learn as much as you can while you are young since life becomes too busy later”

The more you give away the happier you become.’

“Worry is a misuse of the imagination.”

Image – good thoughts about life

“Be yourself for everybody else is already taken.”

“You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

“When you are kind to others it not only changes you, it changes the world.”

“When I was young I admired clever people Now that I am old I admire kind people.”

“May you live all the days of your life.”

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”

“I never thought being a leader I thought very helping people.”

“I hope you believe in yourself as much as in you.”

Image – good thoughts in english

“Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.”

Even the worst days have an ending and the best days have a beginning.”

“The best sleeping pill is a clear conscience.”

“World without poetry is like a lover without a rose”

“The most beautiful smile belongs to those who make others smile”

Best Thought

“Do the Good to Bad then Bad will do Good to you”

“Renew your mind every morning with pure thoughts.”

“Those who love dogs know something about God.”

“Be the person you would want to be friends with.”


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