Bruce Lee Quotes

100+ Bruce Lee Inspirational Quotes for Personal Growth

“Bruce Lee” Quotes was born on 26 November 1960 in China Town, San Francisco. Bruce Lee did his early studies in San Francisco but moved to the United States for further studies. He started his college with a degree in philosophy from the University of Washington. Bruce Lee had the art of learning martial arts […]

vince lombardi quotes

80+ Vince Lombardi Quotes for Unsuccessful People to Make Inspirational

“Vince Lombardi” Quotes was born in 1913 in the Brooklyn salt spot of New York city. He studied at Fordham University and in the same college he started playing football as well. Vince Lombardi who is more interested in football he was hired to train football in college after finishing college. He then became the […]

Walt Disney Quotes

100+ Walt Disney Quotes about Success for New Generation childrens

“Walt Disney” Quotes was born on 5 December 1901 in Chicago. Walt Disney had a great interest in art during his childhood days and along with this, he was also a cartoon artist of his school newspaper. He started an animation company in Hollywood with his brother in 1923 and after this, Walt Disney succeeded […]

george washington quotes

100+ Famous George Washington Quotes For Unsuccessful People

“George Washington” Quotes was Born 22 February 1732 in Virginia. George Washington was a Finding Father of United State Of America and he also was a distinguished military leader. Washington join Army since 1753 and he Fought in the France and Indian War. After War he Married Martha Custis and lived with wife on Mount […]

Bob Marley Quotes

100+ Famous Bob Marley Quotes on Happiness of Life

“Bob Marley” Quotes was born in 6 February 1945 in Jamaican and he was a good musician. He Started own Career in a Band in 1963 and after since 1970 Bob Marley open Band Company and that band name is Band Bob Marley. After Open own Band Bob Marley make her many Video albums and […]

abraham lincoln quotes

100+ Abraham Lincoln Quotes for Inspirational to Achieve a Success

Abraham Lincoln was a 16th President of United State of America and also it’s a Respected Personalities, every American people know Abraham Lincoln Quotes was a greatest Politicians of United State. Abraham Lincoln was born in humble Family but Abraham always try to make a best person and he start own life journey with a […]